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Transforming the face of healthtech!

With the Government of India's ‘Digital Health Mission’, there have been numerous advancements in the Health-Tech space. According to the National Medical Commission, Medical Practitioners are required to digitize health records.

We understand the importance of writing in a doctor’s professional journey. WONDRx is reinventing the Electronic Medical Record (EMR software) system with a Smart Rx Kit that doesn’t require you to change your working habits! WONDRx brings you the power to digitize health records through handwritten prescriptions and transform them into digital medical records in real-time!

With over 1 Million medical records digitized, WONDRx is working towards building electronic medical record systems that ensures patient data privacy and protected record-keeping while enabling doctors, pharmaceuticals, and service providers to work seamlessly with each other.

Too comfortable writing prescriptions?

Then why switch to an EMR software that requires you to type your Rx?
Experience digitization of health records through
WONDRx EMR Systems

How will WONDRx Smart Rx Kit benefit doctors?

WONDRx digitises health records via handwritten Rx in real-time from the Rx-Paper itself!

Gets you access to patient digital medical records post Rx to Pathology, Radiology, Pharmacy etc for better patient adherence

Gives actionable analysis of digital medical records from your handwritten Rx itself to any device

Enables you to keep continued eye contact with the patient instead of your Laptop screen

Enhances Patient loyalty with your voice and video instructions to patient post Rx

Reminds patients of next visit to your clinic


Dr. Nirmal Surya

President- Indian Academy of Neurology
Senior Consultant Neurologist Mumbai

After being disappointed by the so-called data security provided by other service providers, I was highly skeptical about trying a new one. So, I tested out WONDRx on my own before going ahead with it. I engaged myself as a patient, just to see if my data was leaked out for sideway communication. And, I am extremely happy to say that all the patient-doctor data was secure, and nothing went out without the doctor’s consent. Good job WONDRx for making this your key priority. Wishing you all the best!

Dr. Amit Shah

Senior Consultant Neurologist Mumbai

A lot of times I have faced the issue that patients forget their next appointment date mentioned in their Rx. And, while we try to manually remind them of their appointments, sometimes we’re prone to human errors of missing out. But, thanks to WONDRx, I no longer have to worry about no-shows from patients. WONDRx reminds them automatically, and my patients are also happy receiving timely reminders. Thank you WONDRx for significantly reducing no-shows from patients.

Dr. Kenshuk Marwah

Senior Consultant Opthalmologist
New Delhi

I had been using typing based EMR which reduced my efficiency & my cognitive focus was on screen instead of the patient which resulted in significant patient loss during the time of my EMR usage. I got introduced to WONDRx which is a complete EMR built on my same prescription paper. Nobody has to teach me how to write & I’m still digitizing my entire medical records. And I am a retina specialist so even if the patient forgets his or her records Wonder Rx helps me retrieve the files and i can be in the time space continum with this futurustic technology where I can just retrieve all the patients history and even save retina OCT scans and FFA on wonder rx server so patients can come Filefree too !!! This is incredible!

What makes doctors across 120 cities trust WONDRx?

No scanning or typing required – just write and digitize health records via handwritten Rx!

No training needed – continue writing like you always have!

No investments needed for additional devices. Easily accessible on all devices.

No training required for any software updates

WONDRx - Upgrading
All Your EMR software Needs!

WONDRx - World of trust and transparency

Ensuring high level
of data encryption & security

Ensuring Doctor-Patient
confidentiality & data privacy ethics

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